Double Roller Blinds

Double roller blinds serve the dual purpose of giving privacy and blocking out unwanted sunlight – ideal for those who aren’t early risers and cherish those last couple of hours of sleep in the morning. Also known as day and night blinds or dual roller blinds, these blinds sit on their own bracket, with the sunscreen blind or see through blind positioned behind the privacy blind. You can choose to have either blind drawn or opt for both for maximum effect. If you’re looking to buy dual blinds in Melbourne or elsewhere in Australia, discover the range of double roller blinds online available from Fantasy Shutters & Blinds.

Custom Designs Available

Fantasy Shutters offers a great selection of dual roller blind options for you to choose from, including blockout and light filter blinds, blockout and sunscreen blinds, and light filter and sunscreen blinds. We design and manufacture our day and night blinds onsite at our Melbourne manufacturing plant to ensure the best possible result. If you wish to work with us to bring your own design ideas to life, our experienced team is able to accommodate your needs.

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It’s never been easier to buy double roller blinds from Fantasy Shutters & Blinds. We now deliver to most areas across Australia as well as providing installation in Melbourne, plus all of our dual roller blinds come with a 5 year warranty. To find out more, call us on 1300 193 344 or click the Design and Order button.