How to Install Plantation Shutters, Rollers, Roman Blinds & Transition Blinds

To enjoy the maximum benefits of your new blinds and shutters – benefits such as optimal shade control, enhanced UV protection, and increased privacy – it’s crucial that they are installed correctly and safely. Fantasy Shutters offers some handy tips below to help you install plantation shutters and other types of blinds.

Roller Blinds Installation

Installing indoor roller blinds is a great solution for those wanting better shade and privacy. The first step is to measure up the window frame; blinds can come available made to measure, or you can cut them to size yourself. You’ll then need to decide whether you want to hang the blinds inside the window cavity or whether they’ll hang over the top. Next, you’ll need to mount the brackets on the window frame, with the position depending on whether the blinds will hang in the cavity or over it. The final step is to mount the roller blinds on the brackets and secure the operating sash cord to the window frame.

Roman Blinds Installation

Like roller blinds, roman blinds are very easy to install. But unlike roller blinds, they’re designed to be hung inside the window cavity, offering great blockage of unwanted light, sound and heat. The first step is to measure the window cavity so you can ascertain the area that the blinds need to cover. Step two requires you to install the brackets in the window cavity. It’s important with roman blinds to leave enough space away from the window glass for the roman blinds to gather when they’re drawn. And because of their weight, installing an extra bracket can be a good idea. The final step is to hang the blind in the cavity, making sure you clip it in one bracket at a time.

Transition Blinds Installation

Striking an attractive balance between roman and roller blinds, transition style blinds enable you to allow the natural light in or block it out completely, all with a simple rotation of the operating chain.

Transition blinds are easy to install; step one is to ensure the brackets are securely attached to the mounting surface either with screws or a fastener. If you’re using face mount brackets, they need to be positioned about 100mm inwards from the ends of the architrave. If you need more than two brackets, the third should be fixed in the middle, with the other two positioned equidistantly. Place one screw in the top of each bracket – this will enable you to determine whether or not the blind is level. Once you’re satisfied that the brackets are level, place the blind in the brackets by tilting it back and hook the bracket to the lip of the blind’s main edge. Recess mount brackets must also be placed 100mm inwards from the recess. Follow the same instructions for the face mount brackets thereafter.

Plantation Shutters Installation

When you install plantation shutters, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of a versatile design, enhanced window insulation, and a reduction in allergens.

Plantation shutter installation is typically a more involved process than installing other types of blinds, so for those who aren’t particularly experienced at doing so, you may wish to have Fantasy Shutters install the plantation shutters for you. For those who are more DIY-friendly, contact us to obtain detailed installation instructions.