Custom Indoor Blinds

Fantasy Shutters is a leading destination for custom made indoor blinds online. Whether you’re looking for made to measure blinds for your workplace or you want some stylish kitchen blinds for your home, we have options to suit every taste, every budget and every room.

Based in Melbourne, you can now buy our indoor blinds online from almost anywhere in Australia. Continue reading to discover the custom made blinds we have available.

Roller Blinds Made to Measure

Our made to measure roller blinds serve a variety of purposes. Some block out the damaging Ultraviolet rays of the sun, while blockout roller blinds keep out the sun all together. If you don’t need total privacy but want some of the light filtered out, we can also provide custom made roller blinds to suit your needs.

Double Roller Blinds

Double rollers come with two blinds, with each blind serving a particular purpose. Choose from blockout and sunscreen, blockout and light filter, and light filter and sunscreen double roller blinds made to measure.

Roman Blinds

The perfect choice for contemporary homes and workplaces, roman blinds offer a range of options. Choose from blockout, light filtering translucent or sunscreen roman blinds in a variety of styles and colours. You can purchase these readymade or have them custom made to your required size.

Transition Blinds

Choose between natural light and total privacy with stylish blockout or translucent transition custom made blinds. This style is comprised of alternating colour and mesh strips that either block out the sun or allow perfect outdoor views when they’re rotated one way or another.

Motorised Blinds

For the ultimate in convenience, remote controlled motorised blinds are available from Fantasy Shutters. Choose from venetians, roman blinds, roller blinds and more.

Printed Roller Blinds

Want to add a touch of your own personality to your home with custom blinds? Fantasy Shutters can produce high-quality printed roller blinds with superior, high-definition photos printed on the panels. Discover what we can do for you today!