Honey Comb Blinds

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Honey Comb Window Blinds

Not just lovely to look at, our roller honey comb blinds and shutters also possess a hidden secret. Within each blind, two layers of fabric form honeycomb cells that trap heat, helping to keep any room warm. According to research from the British Blind & Shutter Association, these clever air pockets can reduce the amount of heat lost through single glazed windows by as much as 51%, resulting in a cosy atmosphere and lower utility bills. This makes honey comb shades a great choice for those living in colder climates.

Fantasy Shutters is proud to offer a great range of roller honeycomb (‘cellular’) blinds to Melbourne customers. Our quality options provide a perfect solution for conservatories that feel chilly over the winter months, while their thermal insulation properties are also ideal for draughty windows throughout the rest of the home.

‘Top Down Bottom Up’ Cellular Shades


Our clever ‘top down bottom up’ shades give you maximum control over light and privacy. Their innovative design means that the blinds can be pulled down and closed in the standard way – but unlike standard roller honey comb blinds, they can also be pulled up from the bottom of the window.

These bottom-up blinds are ideal for any room that is overlooked, as they allow lots of lovely sunlight to filter into the space while keeping prying eyes out. And the overall effect mirrors that of our beautiful plantation shutter style.

To find out more about installing bottom up, top down shades with Fantasy Shutters, please contact us. We are happy to discuss how we can help you combine light and privacy in your home.

Day and Night Transition Honeycomb Shutters


Fantasy Shutters are capable of installing day and night transition window honeycomb blinds for Melbourne customers wanting the ultimate in flexibility. With this option, two fabrics are combined in one blind, with a discreet rail fitted between them. This clever functionality is ideal if you’re torn between two of our gorgeous styles.

It also means that the fabric at your window can change when you want it to. For example, a sheer cellular window shade will provide privacy while letting lots of lovely light into your room during the day, while a blackout design will ensure a cosy and dark environment at night.

Contact Us Today

To enquire about installation of bottom up top down shades for your Melbourne home, get in touch with Fantasy Shutters today. We can supply and install honeycomb cellular blinds for almost any property, from homes and apartments to shops, schools and large office spaces.

Arrange a free in-home measure and quote of cellular honeycomb shades or shutters at your property by calling us on 1300 193 344 or filling out our online contact form.