PVC Plantation Shutters

Visually appealing, energy efficient and easy to maintain, PVC plantation shutters are a perfect option for anyone wanting a modern look from their blinds and shutters. Fantasy Shutters & Blinds can provide high-quality yet cheap plantation shutters that are ideal for installation in Melbourne homes and workplaces. With a range of blade sizes available for selection, plus a variety of different painted or stained colours to choose from, our PVC shutters have the flexibility and versatility to complement and enhance the decor of just about any room.

The Benefits of Installing PVC Shutters

There are numerous reasons to buy PVC shutters for your home or office. The benefits of our PVC plantation shutters include:

  • They’re cost-effective – Our cheap plantation shutters might be less expensive in price than their timber alternatives, but they don’t compromise on quality.
  • They’re customisable to suit any room – These shutters can be cut to fit any sized window or door in a residential or commercial property. They can also be painted or stained in any colour.
  • They’re low maintenance – A damp cloth is all it takes to keep PVC shutters clean.
  • They’re great at filtering light and ultraviolet rays.

With their desirable and modern look, it’s no surprise that more property owners are opting for PVC shutters in Melbourne and across Australia. To arrange a free measure and quote at your home or workplace, call our team today on 1300 193 344.