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  • Combi Blinds

Fantasy Shutters is a leading supplier and installer of stylish combi (zebra) blinds for Melbourne homes and businesses. Combi roller blinds are the latest design in shading systems. Unlike standard rollers, they include the innovative feature of adjustable light control – a unique advantage that cannot be achieved with standard rollers. Our zebra roller blinds come with a special striped fabric that can be rolled to provide less or more light. This offers incredible flexibility and versatility, allowing you the privacy of a restricted view from the outside.

Not only can these versatile zebra shades add colour and texture to your decor, but they also lend a unique aesthetic value to any room. As light can come through the window when the blinds are closed, they’re ideal for adding a contemporary touch to any interior space.

Whether you’re looking for an elegant shading solution for your home or office space, zebra roller blinds are a perfect choice.

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Room Usage

More and more people are installing combi blinds in Melbourne as a result of their unmatched mix of style and function. The excellent versatility of our zebra shades means they can be used for almost any room, including the:

• Living Room
• Bedroom
• Dining Room
• Kitchen
• Children’s Rooms
• Study Room
• Boardroom
• Gym
• And more!

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To learn more about our beautiful combi blinds, get in touch with Fantasy Shutter’s Melbourne office today. With years of experience behind us, we can guarantee outstanding quality combi roller blinds that are perfectly fitted to your interior space. Call us on 1300 193 344 or send us a message through our contact form to arrange a consultation.