Are Plantation Shutters Blackout?

Are Plantation Shutters Blackout?

While shutters do not entirely block out, they are one of the better options for restricting light in your room. Compared with most blinds and curtains, shutters give you total flexibility in controlling the amount of light seeping into the room while allowing for good airflow.

Plantation shutters allow some light to seep between louvres, and between the panel and frame. Where possible, using an Inside Z-frame to mount your shutters will help restrict light around the frame.

In terms of light control, shutters are far more effective than Blinds or Curtains. Blinds only have two modes: open or closed. So there is either a completely obstructed view with no airflow through the window or no privacy and full air circulation. Similarly, curtains will only allow you to have a full blackout or a sheer option which compromises on privacy and light control.

Shutters offer you the best of both worlds. You can partially shut the louvres when you want privacy (or to block out the sun) or you can open them up fully. In either scenario, you will get clear views and good air circulation.






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