Why Should You Choose Plantation Shutters Over Blinds?

Why Should You Choose Plantation Shutters Over Blinds?

Choosing the right window treatment can be tedious and involves considering several factors. These are based on both functionality and preference. The two most common options are plantation shutters and blinds. People buy plantation shutters or blinds as both of these options offer you control over natural light and gives you privacy. However, there are critical differences between the two that you should take into account before selecting either blinds or plantation shutters for your home in Melbourne.

· Sound Insulation: Shutters are more capable of keeping your home soundproof than blinds. Owing to the material shutters are made of – which is usually wood – and since they are deemed permanent fixtures, they provide you with much better noise insulation than regular blinds. Blinds are relatively more fragile than plantation shutters.

· Customisation: Plantation shutters can be tailored to fit any kind of window. In fact, these can be completely customised to fit any size you can think of, solely on the basis of your design preference. Usually installed in living rooms, the most popular ones fall between the size range of 2” and 2.5”. For bedrooms, thicker shutters are preferred that usually measure 3” to 3.5” in thickness. While these are standard sizes, it is to be remembered that your personal choice is all that ultimately matters.

· Cost and Durability: Although plantation shutters price is more than the price of shutters, the former are more advantageous in the long run. Window blinds don’t last as long as shutters do. Most blinds have a life span of approximately 5 years. On the other hand, shutters may stay as good as new for decades. Shutters are insusceptible to moisture-related damage, and extremely less likely to get damaged, cracked or chipped in any manner over time.

Blinds, however, may wear out, bent or broke in a much shorter duration, which means that these have to be replaced every five years or so. Thus, the collective cost of multiple replacements can add up to surpass the one-time plantation shutters price after a decade or two.

· Home Value: The kind of stuff you use to treat your windows can add substantial value to your home. Blinds certainly make for a cost-effective choice, but when it is about enhancing the value of your home, they often fail to do so. Installing shutters at your home can be pricier, but they are sure to pay off in terms of value addition. A higher value of home means you are likely to get a higher price for your home when you want to sell it.

· Energy Efficiency: Energy conservation is another important factor to consider while picking a window treatment solution. Enhanced energy efficiency leads to decreased cooling and heating bills, thereby helping you save money around the year. While blinds do help you control the amount of sunlight entering your home, they aren’t that great at offering heat insulation. Closing window blinds during a typical summer day may lower the room temperature, but some heat from the Sun may still get inside.

Plantation shutters in Melbourne offer way more insulation and improve energy efficiency. They help trap hot air inside the home during winters and don’t let hot air to enter your home during summers, allowing you to save more on energy bills.

· Maintenance: Regardless of your choice of the stuff for window treatment, proper cleaning and care are imperative to ensure its longevity and looks. Here, plantation shutters have an edge over blinds as the former are easier to clean and maintain. Cleaning blinds can be time-consuming and complicated. More complex the design, more time and tougher the cleaning. Reaching the narrow space between slats and handling the cords can be difficult, which eventually result in the accumulation of debris and dust on slats.

Plantation shutters are more convenient to clean and maintain. More space between slats and absence of cord ease the task of cleaning, which means you can wipe off the shutters quite often, thus preventing dust and debris to build up.

Now when you know which window treatment is best for you, you must be looking for a supplier. If you are recently planning to buy plantation shutters in Melbourne, make sure you visit a reputed supplier that offers free at-home measurement and installation services and has a really wide range to choose from.






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