Folding Arm Awnings

Nothing is more than a fascinating folding arms awnings which make the heart of an avid-patio and balcony lover beat faster. With folding arms awnings, you get the opportunity to extend your outdoor living area and set up a coffee table for entertainment.


They are the most popular awnings across Australia that give shade, protection and is fully retractable. You can fold it completely while it is not in use and do not worry; it will just occupy a small space on the wall. By retracting, the fabric roll and mechanism is protected against the adverse climate.


Folding Arms Awnings Melbourne help in maximising the space and enhance the look of the house. We are sure your guests will love to mingle freely outside the living space under the compact wall-mounted designed retractable folding arms awnings. They are manufactured using lightweight, durable acrylic or architectural fabrics that can cover up to an area as long as 6 metres wide and project up to 4 meters out. These awnings can be operated using a manual crank system or motorised for added convenience. Our motorised folding arm awnings can connect to your smart home system and even control by your Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.


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